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LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager

Say goodbye to tired and achy feet with our LUMI WELLNESS EMS Foot Massager… 

  • Soothe your fatigued muscles while encouraging better blood flow and circulation throughout the body.
  • Revitalize your exhausted muscles and sore feet! 
  • Take it wherever you go with our portable and easy-to-use foot massager… 
  • Perfect after a long walk or those shopping trips that you go on.

What are you waiting for? Grab your foot massager now!


Product Information:

Mode: 6 Modes

Intensity: 1-19

Weight: 210 gram

Product Dimension: 320*320mm (Pad)

Remote Control: 35*97.8mm

Voltage: 5V

Battery Type: Lithium Battery

Material: PVC Rubber

Color: Rainbow

Charging Hour: 1.5 hours

Consumption: Between 25-30 hours