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Has medical science discovered the magic bullet 
that can reverse disease and heal the body?

It was a moment I would never forget. My doctor standing there with a firm look on his face…

“We’ve received your test results…I don’t know how to say this.”

“You have colon cancer… We believe you have less than 1 year to live.”

He seemed very serious and hesitated a bit before he opened his mouth

My world fell apart at that moment. I couldn’t believe it.

All the things I wanted to do… All the time I’ve wasted on unimportant things. I still wanted to travel the world, start a business, and… I really wanted to fall in love again.

What would happen to me? To the people I loved? What would happen to my mother? She is all by herself.

It was devastating.

Nothing is scarier than getting a diagnosis like that. It makes you feel like everything is coming to an end all of a sudden. 

So why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because I lived to tell the tale…

I Naturally Reversed My Terminal Colon Cancer And Survived!

I used a 100% natural remedy to activate the innate healing capacities of my body that naturally reverse disease. 

And you can too.

It is your birthright to heal from any health conditions you’re struggling with.

It is your birthright to have a vibrant state of health, to have the energy to do what you love, and look your best in the mirror.

And in a moment you’ll learn exactly what I did and how a chance encounter with a mysterious Japanese doctor saved my life. 

If it wasn’t for this Japanese doctor I would now be six feet under the ground.

He gave me a special type of water that helped me put my colon cancer into remission.

This healing water gave me back my life.

This Strange Healing Water Has The Potential To Put An End To Any Health Condition Once And For All…

We’ve seen it have unbelievable success with diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, auto-immune disorders, and almost any health condition you can think of.

It can bring anyone to a more vibrant state of health regardless of their current condition. Anybody can use this water to prevent themselves from getting any chronic diseases in the first place.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well I thought so too but I'm so glad I suspended my disbelief and tried this out. 

Back then when I was lying in the hospital, feeling shocked and hopeless about the terminal cancer diagnosis, I knew nothing about the true cause of disease. 

All I knew was to listen to the doctors and take my medication.

Yet this encounter with death was what forced me on the unlikely journey that completely reversed my colon cancer and changed my life forever.

Since that day, I’ve discovered the scientific proof that you can reverse almost any disease.

In a moment you’ll see the evidence with your own eyes.

You can be sure it’s NOT what you think.

Forget what you’ve heard about chronic disease and bad health, when they told you it’s caused by:

  • Your genetics or family history
  • Your age, your weight, or even…
  • Eating too much fat, sugar, or carbs

The truth, according to scientists from right here in the USA and validated by several other highly reputable institutions, is that the root cause of all disease is inflammation in the body.

If Inflammation Is Not Lowered It Will Develop Into Chronic Illness 

It doesn’t matter if you have cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, digestive disorders, or Alzheimer’s, it all starts with inflammation at the cellular level.

Disease eventually turns into chronic disease if the high levels of inflammation in the body are not addressed.

Most people are suffering from high levels of inflammation and might not even know they are.

The high levels of inflammation are often caused by different toxins in our environment and our food supply. 

We’re surrounded by different chemicals, pollution, and EMF radiation on a daily basis. And even stress and lack of sleep contribute to chronic inflammation in the body.

Reputable scientists call inflammation the silent killer.

This is because inflammation can linger in the body for some time and then ‘suddenly’ pops up as chronic disease.

Chronic disease is the leading cause of death all over the world and it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. They are also leading drivers of the nation’s $3.8 trillion in annual health care costs.

Here is the average deaths per year for chronic disease in the US:

- Source: Center of Disease Control (CDC)

So stay with me for the next few minutes of this short article. Because I’m about to reveal how to target this root cause of all disease by drinking a special type of water.

And no, It’s not alkaline water or anything of the sort. You’ve most likely never heard of this unique type of water that I’m about to reveal to you.

It’s a type of water that’s so incredibly healing that I would personally describe it as being miraculous.

I’ll also show you how some shady powers behind the scenes have set up a clever trap to hide this information from you. Its purpose is nothing short of tricking you to take their meds for the rest of your life.

And I’m going to share the exact type of water that reversed my colon cancer and helped me regain my vitality, gave me my life back, and even helped me lose 32 pounds of dangerous fat in a matter of weeks by activating a disease-reversing mechanism that every one of us has inside of them…

Check out my transformation here:

The solution is as simple as drinking water infused with a special type of natural gas that targets and reverses the root cause of all disease.

This water is the water we should all be drinking if we want to live in a state of optimal health, look good in the mirror, and have tons of youthful energy.

Anybody can use this natural water-based method of healing:

No matter if you’re 40, 50, 60, 70, or even 80 years of age.

If you’re a woman or a man.

No matter if you’re suffering from chronic disease right now, or just want to prevent getting sick in the future.

I guarantee you that you can safely use this natural healing water yourself.

And even if you only succeed in just feeling more energy and healthy in general, it’ll be worth it.

I was a bit skeptical about trying it myself, but when death stared me in the face, I was ready to try anything. And thank God I did because now I’m free of my crippling disease and I feel better than I’ve ever felt before…

Freeing Myself From My Disease And Becoming Healthy Allowed Me To
Rebuild My Life

I now have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

I have the energy to go out with my wife, to play with my little nephews, and most of all, I’ll never have to take my debilitating medication again…

This magnificent water has now helped over 32,242 people live healthy and vibrant disease-free lives again.


People like Frank, 63 from Wyoming who wrote to say:

Thank you so much for sharing your article with me. I’m very glad that I read it till the end because with your exact method I was able to free myself from type 2 diabetes in only 7 and half weeks.

I used to feel like a burden to my family, I was scared that they would have to amputate my leg at some point, but now I don’t even need my meds and I feel like I’m 20 years younger again.


And Stephen, 58 from Chicago says:

I always struggled with health conditions for as long as I can remember. I mean, they were always vague symptoms. Headaches, feeling cold shivers, and just in general low energy. I think the fatigue was the worst of them all.

When I first tried the Hydrogen water I felt so good. It made me feel warm inside. I can’t explain it. Just more energy! I wasn’t dealing with a life-threatening disease but glad that I discovered this. It has made me feel much more healthy and alive. I can’t thank you enough John! You are a god sent. 


Or Janet, 51 from New York who wrote:

Hi John. Writing to you from my vacation in Hawaii.

The method you shared online helped me overcome my auto-immune disease that I have been struggling with for over a decade. And that’s not all because I also lost 24 pounds and I’m the same size I was at 28.

I was skeptical about your solution at first but I’m so glad I gave it a try. I’m totally free of the daily pains that I had and the horrible side effects of the medication I used to take.

It has transformed my life completely and saved me a fortune in medical expenses in the process. And all because I was lucky enough to discover your article and try your method.

You’re About To See Exactly How To Reverse Disease In The Body And Reactivate a Natural State of Health

And when you see how these people reversed their diseases and got back to a natural state of health, you’ll wish you’d found out about it years ago…

You don’t know about this discovery that activates our innate healing abilities because most doctors won’t talk about or don’t even know about it.

  • It’s not a new medication
  • It’s not some type of supplement pill
  • It’s not the latest fad diet or exercise plan

It’s nothing like that The simplicity of this solution will surprise you and perhaps even anger you.

Pay close attention and read this article until the end because it might be taken down in days and you can’t find this information anywhere else.

The 524-billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry is furious about it and is pressuring me with legal threats to remove it from this website.

The Big Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t want You To Know About This…

And if you’re a victim of a crippling disease or are just struggling with health issues, you have to know one thing:

It’s not your fault.

If I didn’t meet Dr. Kobayashi and started drinking the healing water he gave me, I would have never made it.

The big pharmaceutical companies have been feeding us lies ever since we were born. We aren’t taught much about disease and how it’s caused.

All they care about is making sure you become a lifetime customer. And they do everything in their power to hide the truth from you and me.

Dr. Kobayashi taught me that inflammation is at the root cause of almost any disease and health problem. And he told me how inflammation is best countered with the use of antioxidants.

This is for instance why Vitamin C is so good for us because it’s an antioxidant that counters inflammation in the body.

However, antioxidants like Vitamin C can only do so much. They pale in comparison to nature’s most powerful antioxidant, which is the one I’m about to reveal to you.

You see, there’s one antioxidant that rules over all antioxidants.

And that antioxidant is… Hydrogen

Hydrogen Is Nature’s Most Powerful Antioxidant That Dessimates Disease And Brings Back Vibrant Health

Hydrogen is nature’s most tiny element. Yet this tiny element is the most powerful antioxidant known to man.

Its healing powers are unparalleled. 

The healing powers of hydrogen are so powerful, that it could most likely put ALL of the big pharmaceutical companies out of business.

So as you can understand, it’s quite risky for me to even tell you about this. The big pharma companies don’t like it when people like me spread the truth.

However, I would not be able to look at myself in the mirror if I didn’t spread this information. I’ve now made it my life’s mission to help people utilize the power of Hydrogen to live healthier lives free from chronic disease.

And do you know what’s so crazy?

Modern science has known about the healing effects of hydrogen for a long time now. It has been studied countless times with extraordinary results.

However, because it’s such a threat to Big Pharma, it has largely been suppressed and kept hidden from the general public.

And you are about to discover how you can use this powerful natural gas to bring back your body to its natural state of health.

Over 700 Studies In World’s Most Reputable Scientific Journals Have Shown The Healing Effects Of Hydrogen 

The over 700 scientific studies (1) undoubtedly show that hydrogen is a powerful weapon
against diseases like:

Hydrogen has also been shown to increase energy, lessen fatigue, improve the immune system, reduce fat cells, increase brain function, reduce wrinkles, increase youthfulness, speed up recovery time and so many more things.

Part of the secret of hydrogen is that it’s such a tiny molecule. Because of its small size it can literally reach anywhere in the body and neutralize the free radicals that are causing the inflammation.

You see hydrogen is a natural gas, and is therefore hard to ingest.

To solve that issue it has to be added to water to create Hydrogen Water. When this is done it can make any simple glass of water into a miraculous health potion.

Drinking Hydrogen Water Is The Hidden Key To Reversing Disease And Living a Healthy Life

Imagine being free from any health problems and diseases for good and living a life of optimal health…

  • No more worries about being sick and experiencing scary and nagging symptoms
  • No more fear about sudden heart attacks, cancer, or strokes.
  • No more having to feel like your body is working against you and your dreams
  • No more blowing thousands of hard-earned dollars a year on meds that cause all types of dangerous side-effects and damage organs like your liver and kidneys.
  • No more waking up from nightmares, drenched in sweat about getting terminally ill and leaving your family behind.

In a moment I will share how to start activating your innate healing abilities by using hydrogen water to become more healthy and resolve any health issues or diseases you might be struggling with.

I’ll show you why taking hydrogen water is the best way to lower the deadly inflammation that causes chronic disease…

And I Will Show You How You Can Make Hydrogen Water Yourself To Have This Miracle At Your Disposal 24/7…

Before I tell you all these things, it’s probably best if I introduce myself

Hi my name is John and in my former life I was an engineer. Now everything is so different.

Together with my wife, we help people experience the miraculous healing benefits of hydrogen water. 

We’re so happy together and we even have a little girl on the way as I’m typing this. It’s so hard to believe I’m living this life now. 

The same goes for my wife. Her life also changed the moment she came into contact with this healing water.

20 years ago I was working as an engineer in a beer company in Milwaukee.

Yes they paid me to make machines that produce beer.

It was a good life and I enjoyed it. But for some reason there were never any highs.

The lows weren’t that low but the highs weren’t that high. It was good but dull.

And then one cold November month my health problems started… 

It started just with general low energy and fatigue. I would just power through it.

Then it got worse and worse. So tired sometimes I had to fight to get myself out of bed. Even after 8 hours of sleep.

When I got home I would just be completely zapped of energy. After every shower, I would find more and more hair in the drain.

I was only 47… I thought. “What the hell is happening to me?”

And then the stomach aches started. It was so bad I would wake up in the night.

I thought it would just all pass but it didn’t. I tried to pretend that I was okay but deep down inside I knew something was wrong… 

I never was that interested in diet or eating healthy. Just not my cup of tea. I was healthy anyway.

My mother was into natural healing herbs and living healthy but I didn’t really care.

After talking to my mother about my health problems she convinced me to at least go to the doctor.

I did and that’s when it all came crashing down.

The doctors at the Milwaukee hospital were nice and good people.

The moment they revealed the shocking truth was devastating. Colon cancer.

They told me I only had one year to live…

But I didn’t want to believe what the doctor said to me…

I was determined to find out how I could heal myself. Even though they told me I didn’t have long to live, I believed deep down that there must be a way.

Chemo and radiation therapy sounded like a slow ticket to a horrible death. Not for me. And my mother agreed. 

We started trying all kinds of healing modalities from healing herbs to Reiki, different diets, supplements, juice cleanses, fasting, and many more.

Some things seemed to have a slight effect but the terrible stomach aches continued. Some nights were so horrible I thought I would die then and there.

But then things took an unexpected turn…

I Decided To Take A Small Trip To Japan. It Was This Decision That Changed Everything…

It was always my big dream to go there. Something about that country and the people fascinated me. 

I wasn’t leaving this world without ever visiting. So I bought a ticket with my savings and off I was. 

Somehow my “gut feeling” was that I could maybe find something in Japan that could help me.

I landed in Tokyo and was amazed. Such a busy city and such an interesting culture.

It really gave me such a sense of freedom. I almost forgot that I was sick sometimes. But the stomach pains were an unfriendly reminder that things weren’t good.

After 2 days of sightseeing, I started to feel anxious. Am I wasting my time here? I mean I should focus on my health, right? 

I thought maybe I do need to take the chemo and radiation therapy. I mean all this natural healing stuff hasn’t helped so far.

I felt hopeless.

One day I decided to go for a walk in the city. Just to clear my head and to get some clarity around what I had to do.

After almost an hour of walking, I felt that my legs were tired. I had to sit down somewhere.

The problem was that almost everything was closed. It was already later in the evening.

All I Could Find Was This Dusty Old Japanese Bar. It Was Here That I Made A Life Changing Discovery…

I entered the bar and there were already people there. It was rather quiet and there was a ZEN-like feeling to this bar. Not just an ordinary bar but a place where people could relax.

I ordered a glass of water and sat down on one of the bar stools. I was the only person drinking water in the whole place it seemed.

After being there for 10 minutes, thinking constantly about my condition, I suddenly heard a voice: “Do you mind if I sit next to you? It’s my standard spot”.

I started talking with the man and told him everything about my health struggles.

I told this man everything. He just listened. It felt so liberating to share my story with this stranger in this dusty old Japanese bar.

Little Did I Know This Man Was About To Change My Life Forever...

After talking for a while the man introduced himself and said: “My name is Dr. Kobayashi and thank you for sharing about your battle with cancer. I’m actually a scientist and I’m currently studying the healing effects of a specific type of water.”

“My team and I have done experiments where we combined water with hydrogen and studied the healing effects it can have on the body. Our test results have been amazing so far. We’ve found that it does wonder for lowering inflammation and reversing disease in the body.”

I was all ears after this. The healing effect of Hydrogen water? I’ve never heard about this, my doctors never mentioned that this even exists.

“If you want, you can come over tomorrow to the lab and try out some of the hydrogen water. There’s still one spot left for our experiment tomorrow. ”

“Uhh YES! I will come over tomorrow… I replied.”

“Okay meet me at 1 PM at my lab. Here’s the address” said Dr. Kobayashi, while he handed me a small piece of paper with the address.

You can imagine what happened next… I could barely sleep that night. I was so excited. Could this help me? I felt a sense of hope. The stomach aches were painful but I had some kind of hope.

I Was About To Try Hydrogen Water For The First Time And Then Something Unexpected Happened…

So the next day I show up at Dr. Kobayashi’s lab. I was 30 minutes early just to make sure I didn’t miss this opportunity

Dr. Kobayashi invited me in and took me to the back of his lab.

There was a big enormous machine there. It looked like something from a star trek movie.

“This is our very own hydrogen water machine. It is called Anoroma. Anoroma makes high-quality hydrogen water from normal tap water.” said Dr. Kobayashi.

He explained that it took years to develop this device. In total it cost him and his team $32.000 to create it.

Dr. Kobayashi switched on the device and it started making loud sounds. It was quite impressive to see. He then asked me to grab a glass from the cupboard. I got the glass and handed it to him. He put the glass in the machine and the machine poured it full of water.

“Here drink this.” Dr. Kobayashi said…

I grabbed the glass and took a sip of the water.

And then another zip.

And another…

Before I knew it I was chucking down the entire glass of water.

My body loved this. I felt it. Is this something special?

I wasn’t sure but my body seemed to know already. It felt good.

And over the next 30 minutes, the good feelings increased. I just felt good.

Hydrogen Allows The Body To Get Back Into A State Where It Can Naturally Heal Itself

What I now know about hydrogen water is that it gives energy to the mitochondria of the cells.

These are the powerhouses of the cells. When they function well, you feel vibrant and healthy.

Feeling that immediate positive response was my body getting more energy. It was absorbing the hydrogen water and producing more energy.

This is typically what people see when they drink the water for a while. My response was immediate. It can happen but for most it takes a couple of days.

After about 2-4 weeks people usually feel an increase in positive emotions and general well-being.

The biggest reason why hydrogen water is so effective is because it lowers inflammation by reducing the number of free radicals. Like I mentioned earlier this is absolutely essential for good health.

Hydrogen provided powerful antioxidants and it allows the body to get back into a state where it can naturally heal itself.

Once the body isn’t taxed by all this chronic inflammation it can do what it’s supposed to do and bring back all its cells to their optimal state of health.

Hydrogen water is also one of the best things you can do for your immune system. It helps to fight off viruses and bacteria.

It’s crazy how I now never even get a cold anymore.

I’ve seen this water have stunning effects on people who got sick with the flu. Most of them recovered within a few days of drinking it.

I can’t openly discuss say what effect it could have on the virus that’s currently got the world in its grip. But let’s just say that I’ve got my theories…

I didn’t know about all these things when I just drank hydrogen water for the first time.

Back then everything was still new to me.

I Was About To Discover How Powerful The Healing Effect Of Hydrogen Water Can Be…

After drinking the hydrogen for the first time, Dr. Kobayashi asked me to join a longer experiment. This time I got to drink hydrogen water every day for a couple of months.

It just felt good. I wasn’t sure if it would help me with my health problems.

But somehow the stomach aches became less. I first thought it could just be because I was relaxing my mind and body. I mean could this water be that powerful? I wasn’t sure.

One day I decided to get a check at an English-speaking hospital in downtown Tokyo. And there the doctors said something that COMPLETELY blew me away…

“We’re not sure if you’re playing a game with us. It’s not appropriate to take up all this time of the medical staff” one doctor said.

What do you mean? I said. I came here to see how my colon cancer is developing. I feel good but I am still very worried.

“Well sir, we don’t know what colon cancer you’re referring to. Your colon looks perfectly healthy.”

What… Wait… What did you say?”

“You are healthy sir. If you were having issues with your colon, you must have done something to heal. Keep doing whatever you are doing.”

I burst out in tears right then and there.

All this time I was trying to keep things together but this was just too much.

It took me some time to let everything sink in. This truly was a miracle!

I Was Finally Healed But You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next…

After spending a couple more weeks in Tokyo and thanking Dr. Kobayashi about a million times, I felt an urge to go somewhere else.

I looked online and came across this cruise on the Caribbean.

I was healed and I felt so energized and youthful again so I was excited to see more places.

While on the cruise, I met a woman in one of the bars. She told me her name was Nathalie. After talking for a while, she mentioned that she was struggling with an autoimmune disease called Multiple Sclerosis.

It sounded like an awful disease to have. I felt really sorry for her and decided to share about my own struggles with cancer and how I miraculously recovered from my terminal cancer diagnosis.

She was amazed by my story and I could sense that she was curious about Hydrogen water.

I asked her if she wanted to try out the hydrogen water for herself. She said she’d definitely like to try it. I gave her a bottle and we parted ways.

The next day I started walking and met Nathalie again. She was standing on the deck next to the swimming pool.

“I drank the hydrogen water and it felt really good. I was reading all about it and it’s so fascinating.” Nathalie said.

Once the cruise ended, Nathalie and I kept seeing each other and started dating. A few months later she convinced me to go back to Tokyo and see Dr. Kobayashi.

Once back in Tokyo, Dr. Kobayashi was happy to see us and gave us some more of the hydrogen water.

Nathalie’s autoimmune disease eventually went into remission after drinking hydrogen water every day for a couple of weeks.

We both wanted to keep drinking the hydrogen water every day. The problem was we couldn’t take a lot of bottles with us on the plane back. We had to think of something… but what?

I Can Remember That Moment Clearly. While I'm Sitting Here Writing This… I Can Remember That I had 3 Options:


I could move to Tokyo and live here for the rest of my life. This
 would give me direct access to the hydrogen water of Dr. Kobayashi. 


I could try to save up $32,000 to buy all the parts of the big Anoroma
machine and try to build one myself.


Or I could try to create a new and cheaper way to create hydrogen
 water. Something that I could easily use anywhere I was.

At that moment, it dawned on me. I have a background in engineering. If I could make machines for a beer factory, I might just be able to create a better hydrogen machine.

I mentioned this to Dr. Kobayashi and he was very enthusiastic about this new idea. The only issue was that we didn’t have any business experience.

Then I remembered that I have a good friend, Kenny who lives in Singapore. He has a background in product design and business operations. I called him up and he was eager to hear about our ideas.

We all met up and had a long brainstorming session on how we could proceed. After a long brainstorming session we all decided to work together on creating a new type of hydrogen machine.

We Set Out To Develop An Affordable Device That Would Allow Anyone To Create Their Own Hydrogen Water…

We tried to make a new portable machine to produce hydrogen cheaply. It was an unbelievable struggle and it took us a couple of years to come up with a working prototype.

I’ll spare you all the details but It was difficult to say the least.

Our first prototype failed the final tests… It was just not portable and effective enough to use.

But then Dr. Kobayashi and his team added a special type of technology called SPE/PEM and it suddenly worked.

We did it!

We didn’t want to keep this new invention just to ourselves. After testing it for about a year we decided it was time to share our creation with the world.

With help of the business expertise of Kenny, we were finally able to present our new invention as an affordable product to the public.

Introducing The LUMI+ Hydrogen 
Water Bottle

The LUMI+ is the world's first hydrogen bottle that is portable AND extremely effective at creating high-quality Hydrogen water.

The LUMI+ contains a filter that releases nano hydrogen bubbles into your water. Because of the help from Dr. Kobayashi and his team it is equipped with the latest and safest SPE/PEM technology from Japan.

People usually notice a boost in their energy levels and mental clarity in just 60 seconds.

The tiny hydrogen molecules will enter the body via the stomach and flow to whatever part they are needed most. These extremely potent antioxidants immediately start lowering the inflammation in the body, which can often feel like a feeling of relief to the person who drinks it.

After about 2-4 weeks people usually feel an increase in positive emotions and general well-being. You can experience continuous high levels of energy and youthfulness daily. People around you might start saying you changed or that you seem more vibrant than before. It has happened to a lot of us.

And after 4-8 weeks you can start to notice the healing effects and the diminishing of symptoms. Lots of chronic diseases can’t coexist when someone is consistently taking hydrogen water. People also start sleeping better and this also massively contributes to the healing process.

People also start looking better because their skin improves and their body fat starts to melt off. This usually doesn’t go unnoticed by their friends & family because it can create quite the transformation.

After 8-12 weeks the healing effects become more profound and even more noticeable. As miraculous as that sounds, chronic disease can start to reverse and the body can get back to a state of natural health. It’s simple to understand because hydrogen water decimates the inflammation and gives the cells the energy that they need to heal.

To maintain the benefits of hydrogen water, you’ll need to drink it daily and a minimum of 6-8 bottles per day (1.5-2 liter á day).

(Please note that results may vary for individual conditions... Some may take longer than 12 weeks (we have seen results after 16-20 weeks)

The LUMI+ in Action

See our Hydrogen bottle in action - The ONLY hydrogen bottle you will ever need! Here’s what some influencers had to say about it:

Benefits of drinking hydrogen water

Scientific research has proven the following powerful benefits of consuming hydrogen water daily.

Natural healing from within 

The main power that hydrogen water is that it brings your body back into a natural state of health. It does this by lowering inflammation and giving energy to the cells of the body. This allows the body to naturally restore and heal itself.

Lowers deadly inflammation

The antioxidants of hydrogen water have been proven to attack the free radicals in the body that cause inflammation. This protects against chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. 

Boost energy 

Hydrogen water provides long-lasting and stable energy whenever we need it. It does so by giving energy to the mitochondria of the cells. These are the powerhouses of the cells that make sure each cell runs effectively.

Improve Skin 

People who drink hydrogen water see great improvements in their skin health. The hydrogen antioxidants repair the skin, reduce wrinkles, and give people a healthy and youthful glow.

Weight Loss

A side effect of drinking hydrogen water is being able to lose stubborn fat more easily. People have reported losing 15 to 30 pounds after drinking hydrogen water for more than 12 weeks.

the heart 

Hydrogen water has been proven to be protective of the heart. This is because it lowers inflammation and prevents the blocking of arteries. This is great news for people who suffer from heart disease or diabetes. 

Why is the LUMI+ the best for making
 Hydrogen Water? 

Lightweight and portable

The LUMI+ weighs less than 12oz (350 grams), which means it’s easy to carry around while doing daily tasks.

Easy to use

Just pour water into the LUMI+ and press the activation button. It will then make a fresh batch of hydrogen water within 5 to 10 minutes.

USB - Rechargeable

Charging point that’s 3X faster than the previous model. One charge lasts you 15 cycles. This will allow you to use your LUMI+ multiple times even when there’s no power around. 

High levels of hydrogen

The LUMI+ is designed to deliver high levels of hydrogen. It can deliver up to 5000ppb in 10 short minutes.

Multi-purpose Use (2-1 function)

The base of the LUMI+ can be docked with most types of mineral water bottles (30mm diameter). This means you can easily turn your favorite mineral water into hydrogen water.

Safe & Latest SPE/PEM Technology

The latest platinum SPE (solid polymer electrolyte) and PEM (proton exchange membrane) from Japan push 99% Nano Hydrogen bubbles into the water.

You Are Now At a Crossroads…

Most people tend to keep repeating the same patterns over and over again. 

You can be one of those people and keep doing what you’ve always been doing and stay stuck exactly where you are. 

This can mean that you continue to struggle for the next year, the next 5 years, 10 years, or maybe even the rest of your life. God forbid you don’t get a terminal illness like I did.


You can make this the day that changed everything. 

You can become free from your health issues starting right now. Imagine waking up in the morning feeling vibrant and healthy. Just think about what it would be like if you didn’t have any of those nagging symptoms torment you day in and day out.

Imagine feeling like you’re 10 years younger again and having the energy and freedom to do whatever you want to do.

Whether it’s playing with your kids or grandkids, playing your favorite sports, or just hanging out with friends or family without having to worry about your health.

You can take action right now and take the future of your health into your own hands today.

You can start to experience the healing effects of hydrogen within a few short weeks. This means you could be one of the lucky few to bring your body back to its optimal state of natural health.

So which option will you choose?

Will you give yourself the gift of a healthy body that’s free of disease?

If so, then we have a one-time special offer for you: 

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This is a special offer and we don’t know how long we can keep it at this low and cheap price.

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You Are Covered By Our Money-Back Guarantee 

You are covered by our money-back guarantee. If you’re somehow unhappy with your purchase you can let us know and we’ll give you your money back. Please see our return policy at frequently asked questions below...

You can now place your order by pressing the button below and entering your details. We’ll make sure to ship the LUMI+ to you as fast as possible.

1 Bottle

Save - $132 + free hydrogen PDF (worth $27)

Here’s our one-time special offer:

$399 Now Only $267 each



*International Shipping +19.90*


2 Bottles

Save - $312 + free hydrogen PDF (worth $27)

Here’s our one-time special offer:

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3 Bottles

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Here’s our one-time special offer:

$399 Now Only $232 each

Total $1197 $696


*International Shipping +$19.90*


* International shipping (outside of USA) may subject to custom duties & value added taxes which are not reflected in our prices. For order delivery timeline, please refer to FAQ below.*

In case you have questions, I’ve collected a few of the most common ones here to answer:

Will hydrogen water work for me?

As you saw from customer testimonials and the benefits of drinking hydrogen water. It has endless benefits, and at every point, you will see the difference in your energy and health. Plus, to set your mind at ease, when you make your order, you will receive a free Hydrogen eBook that contains the research you need to be sure it’s backed by scientific facts. (See your FREE hydrogen PDF book- worth $27).

How difficult is it to use the LUMI+?

Using the LUMI+ is as simple as filling the bottle with water, press the button for 5 sec and let the membrane doing the work. The SPE/PEM technology within the membrane will push molecular hydrogen into the water (3000-5000 ppb) while the oxidative water down to the vent (at the bottom of the bottle). After that, it’s ready to drink and experience the endless benefits that it brings.

Which type of water should I use?

Please use only filtered or normal drinking water/mineral water. Do not use tap/ unfiltered or alkaline water

 How long will hydrogen water stay in good concentration once its made?

For optimal efficacy, we recommend to drink it within half an hour of time to get the maximum effect of hydrogen water, so all hydrogen doesn’t evaporate! If hydrogen water is left out for more than 2 hours, it is recommended to run hydrogen generation again before drinking.

Is the LUMI+ safe?

Yes, the LUMI+ has been thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy. It has been used by thousands of happy customers now with excellent results.

Who is suitable for drinking hydrogen-rich water?

Everyone (stressed white-collar workers, sub-healthy people, athletes, beauty lovers, pregnant women, and people who need health care and anti-aging) can drink it freely.

Why hasn’t my doctor told me about this?

Unfortunately, the big pharmaceutical companies aren’t quite happy with our product and are doing everything they can to keep this information from the public. Doctors are often quite skeptical when it comes to natural health cures like these. However, we are trying our best to reach out to medical doctors and educate them on hydrogen and its healing properties.

What is inside the LUMI+ Water Bottle Box?

LUMI+ Water Bottle come with a full sets of Water Bottle (Lids, Body Glass and Base), a Type C-USB Cable that able to connect & charged with most phone (iPhone or Android )adapter and an user guide menu.

 How do I clean the LUMI+?

To clean the glass you have to remove the glass from the base and lid. Then, place glass in the dishwasher to clean. 

To clean the filter (membrane), you have to add 50ml water & 50 ml vinegar and use a brush (it can be a clean and unused toothbrush) to clean it for several times. We recommend using filtered water.

Note: Please DO NOT soak the entire base as the base is not waterproof.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, your purchase of the LUMI+ is backed by a 30-day guarantee. If you somehow decide the product is not for you after ordering then we’ll refund your money. For more information on how to return the LUMI+, please visit our Warranty & Returns policy page.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, we do offer a 1-year defect warranty. If you have any issue with your LUMI+ hydrogen bottle, contact us at:

How long does it take for my order to arrive? How much the shipping cost?

Your order will be shipped out from our warehouse within 1-2 business days after receiving your payment. An email confirmation sent when your order has been shipped out. The shipment reaches your doorstep in the stipulated timeline below. We try to keep the delivery times as fast as possible but due to manpower shortage, there could be a slight delay (1-2 weeks).

USA :- 

Standard Shipping:   4-8 business days   [Free USA Shipping]

Expedited Shipping: 2-4 business days [ Additional Shipping Fee: $24.90]


Standard Shipping:   6-14 business days   [Free Canada Shipping]

Expedited Shipping: 4-8 business days [ Additional Shipping Fee: $24.90]**

Rest of World:-

Standard Shipping: 12-28 business days * [Additional Shipping Fee: $19.90]**

Expedited Shipping: 7-21 business days * [Additional Shipping Fee: $39.90]**

* Please note that the delivery time for international order (outside of USA) varies between countries due to different custom regulation & clearance process.
* The custom clearance process may subject to duties, customs and value added tax which are not reflected in our prices.
Note: All items are delivered based on the  tracking number.  We will not held any responsibilities for losses of items that has marked as "delivered" but yet to receive by the receiver. 

Do I need to pay custom duties for my order?

Not applicable for domestic order within USA.

International order:
Every countries customs regulations are different and International orders are subject to duties, customs, and value added taxes which are not reflected in our prices. The recipient will be responsible for paying these charges upon receipt of your order. Please check with your local customs office for those charges. Some countries may be assessed an additional handling fee for brokering these payments prior to delivery within that country. LUMI+ is not responsible for any customs, duties or import fees (GST/VAT) associated with receiving your order. In the event that the customs duties are not paid for and the goods are shipped back, any return shipping fees will be the responsibility of the recipient.

1 Bottle

Save - $132 + free hydrogen PDF (worth $27)

Here’s our one-time special offer:

$399 Now Only $267 each



*International Shipping +$19.90*


2 Bottles

Save - $312 + free hydrogen PDF (worth $27)

Here’s our one-time special offer:

$399 Now Only $243 each

Total $798 $486


*International Shipping +$19.90*


3 Bottles

Save- $501+ free hydrogen PDF (worth $27)

Here’s our one-time special offer:

$399 Now Only $232 each

Total $1197 $696


*International Shipping +$19.90*


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