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LUMI+ Hydrogen Water Bottle

  • Model: ABS-FQ-2

    Volume: 240 ML (Most suitable for one-time drinking)

    Weight: 350 gram

    Product Dimension: 193*60mm

    Box Size: 165*200*75mm

    Bottle Material: 100% BPA-Free, Food Grade PC

    Bottle Type: Pressure release value design so that it able to withstand max 8kg pressure to produce high hydrogen content> 3000ppb

    Technology: Patented Cross-Mesh Electrode, World first 2 chamber 7-layer system with platinum PEM technology

    Hydrogen Content: 3000 PPB in 5 minutes (first cycle run) and up to 5000 PPB in 10 minutes (for 2 cycle run)

    Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP): -350 to -700 mv

    PH value: 7- 7.5

    Power : Input: AC100-240v; Output: USB5V/2.0A

    Battery Type: Polymer Lithium Battery

    Battery Capacity: 3.7V/700mAh

    Charging Time:1-2 hours; can use up to 15 times every full charge

    Color: White (more color will be release soon, stay tuned!)