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About us

At LUMI+, our aim is to help people all over the world to live a healthy lifestyle. We develop innovative LUMI+ series & LUMI Wellness series products to revolutionize your health and wellness.

We created the highest quality LUMI+ hydrogen bottle and mister so you can rest assured you’re getting the finest and purest quality of hydrogen. After years of drinking regular bottled water that’s being recycled over and over again… we discovered hydrogen water and started seeing our health benefits within days/weeks.

We also discovered the powerful benefits of EMS technology and its ability to provide non-invasive relief through our EMS foot massager and Smart massager. After regularly using EMS technology, we are amazed by the results for healing chronic back & foot pain. It almost seemed too good to be true…

Yes, I know it sounds hard to believe… but read our customer reviews and see for yourself here. As you can see, our customers are happy, and you are our top priority, and we work towards ensuring your health comes first.